Cabinet of curiosities


This velvet-upholstered Burgundian cabinet houses some choice items: Lalique and Baccarat glasses and decanters, sommelier items, and exclusive jewellery creations.


Our wine accessories


Elevate your tasting experience with our selection of refined and in many cases exclusive accessories, from crystal glasses to bucket coolers.


Table & Decoration

Wine and crystal come together in perfect harmony in the Passion Collection range by Jean-Charles Boisset and Baccarat, a first in the world of exceptional glasses and decanters for fine wines. Another example of the radiance of crystal comes from Lalique, with its timeless pâte-de-verre decanters, glasses and vases.


Our jewellery


This sparkling jewellery, created by Jean-Charles Boisset, perfectly showcases his mischievous creativity. These joyful gems tell their stories, reinterpret the grape theme, and combine the cosmos and glittering symbols into hugely desirable cufflinks, necklaces, earrings and more – exclusively at La Maison Vougeot in France.


Our scented candles

The subtle, elegant and highly personal ambience created by our scented candles conjures up a delicate mood that brings our world to life: aromas of grapevine flowers, toasted barrels and more. All our candles are made in Grasse, the global perfume capital renowned for its unique fragrances interpreted by the major names in the olfactory sector.