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A new kind of
wine-tasting lounge
at Vougeot ...

Jean-Claude Boisset

"Terrestrial & celestial"

Domaine de la Vougeraie

Burgundy's most historical vineyards

JCB by Jean-Charles Boisset

Transcending terroirs


la Maison Vougeot

la Maison Vougeot

Wander through our winemaker’s house with an atmosphere as warm, sophisticated, radiant and artistic as the wines themselves – in a word, unique! 

Curtain up!

A chic, theatrical atmosphere prevails at La Maison, where Jacques Garcia's creative stamp immediately shines through. The host welcomes you for a personalised tasting.

Winegrower’s room

Step back in time to the 19th century in the simple, intimate setting where winemakers would sit by the fire after a hard day’s work in the vineyards. Old terracotta tiles, wood beams, a dresser, clogs, and a well dug into the rock – exactly as things used to be, from cellar to attic.


A seagrass tapestry, like those in medieval chateaus, adds a warm decorative touch to the library. Immerse yourself in the pages of a detective novel amid the vines, take in the botanical pictures, enjoy a glass of Clos Blanc – as time stands still…

Art room

Amidst the wall hangings and in the darkness, explore the sounds and images of ‘The Essence of Wine’. This room reveals a touch of magic in the poetic, vibrant work of photographer and artist Mathilde de l’Écotais, a sensory and aesthetic interpretation of the explosive aromas of this delicious red and gold liquid.


A purple-upholstered cocoon with family photos depicting multiple generations, the boudoir invites you to rest for awhile – in front of the camera, where you can pose, taste and reflect.

JCB Lounge

Calling to mind American lounges, this room encapsulates the exuberant world of Jean-Charles Boisset in a black and gold setting that showcases his creative spirit through wonderful jewellery, exclusive candles, unique items, bubble screens housing sparkling bottles, and more.

Our wines

At La Maison Vougeot, you can explore the pure style of Domaine de la Vougeraie, the refinement of Maison Jean-Charles Boisset, and the effervescence of Crémants de Bourgogne JCB by Jean-Charles Boisset.

The starlit cellar

This gem of a vaulted cellar, enveloping barrels and boasting an impressive solid inlaid table (a unique artwork by Hélène de Saint Lager), allows you to taste wines beneath the roots of the vines!

A tasting journey

The essence of our terroirs shines through in the personality of our wines. Explore our shop with its exceptional appellations, magnums, wooden cases and boxes, where anyone could fall in love…

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Art & Wine : complementary companions !

Did you know that several Maison Vougeot collections are the fruit of a collaboration with the Boisset family?

The Maison is not just about tasting and about buying wine !

Find in our shop various curiosities linked to the world of wine !