Art & Wine : complementary companions !

Did you know that several Maison Vougeot collections are the fruit of a collaboration with the Boisset family?

Jean-Charles Boisset and Baccarat have joined forces to produce the same intricate kind of work that goes into the making of a cuvée. The "Passion Collection" range of glasses and decanters was born out of a love for crystal following 9 years of work and reflection. Glassware with a blown rim and an injected stem, cut in the shape of a diamond in the middle that provides the perfect shape for wine oxygenation.

You will also notice the connection between the shimmering world of Lalique crystal and the hushed cocoon of the Maison Vougeot.

Founded in 1888, the iconic items of the Maison Lalique symbolise pure luxury and are added to the walls of the Maison Vougeot for a union celebrating visual pleasure and French savoir-faire.

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